New Wildflower Seed Pack coming soon

ūüĆľ Great news! We will be adding this lovely new gift pack to our lovely Wildflower seeds range this monthūüĆłThis new pack will complement the new 'Shining Light' card range coming soon.

You may notice that all the seed gift packs are slightly different from before. We have changed from a pouch to an envelope so that we have more choice in suppliers, ensuring supply of stock. The design and shape remain the same, so they still look as beautiful when they are inserted into our sympathy cards. 

Inside the gift packs we have an even bigger variety of wildflowers, so your clients can create an even prettier, special place for them (and the bumblebees) to visit in remembrance of their pet.  If you follow us on social media you can see the flowers these pretty wildflower gift packs will be serving up to the bees each month!

All our¬†Wildflower seed gift packs support the wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust, to whom we donate 15% net profits of their sales. We think these¬†commemorative gifts add a beautiful touch to our sympathy cards and are a wonderful way to show your clients that you care¬†about them, the environment, and even¬†the very smallest of creatures ūüźĚ .....with one of the most important jobs!

If you haven't used them in your practice, why not give them a try? The kind gesture will be appreciated!!!!

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