Eco-friendly seeds - that are robust enough for posting!

We believe that wildflower seeds are the perfect sympathy gift for pet owners. 

Because of this we have put a lot of effort into finding the perfect wildflower seed mix - one that is beautiful, eco-friendly and which includes seeds robust enough to withstand the rigours of the uk postal system.

Unfortunately, some seeds are very fragile (including the beautifully named forget-me-not seeds) and can be crushed as they make their way through the uk postal system.

At A Brush With Love, only beautiful, robust wildflower seeds that are tough enough to pass our postal tests can make it into our packs!  We pack them ourselves to meet demand, to ensure all seeds have a nice long shelf life, and to make sure none of these precious seeds get wasted.

The seed gift packs come in five different designs - each one coordinating beautifully with our sympathy card range. Each pack can be placed in the sympathy card with the glue dot provided to ensure the seed pack doesn't rattle around, but is beautifully presented inside when your card is received.

To ensure that the wildflowers, once grown, help the environment, we only use untreated, native species that will bloom across the flowering season, which provides vital food and habitat for local pollinators and other wildlife. Our research has found that non-native seeds can really limit the benefit, while seeds treated with neonicitnoids can actually have an adverse effect on wildlife - especially bees!

....and our world needs much more bees!

So, if at your vet practice or animal hospital you purchase seeds to send to clients, or you pack them yourselves, we strongly urge you to ensure that the seeds are untreated and of native provenance. Plus send yourself a pack in the post - just to check what condition the seeds are arriving in!

Or if you are a vet practice or animal hospital looking for an eco-friendly sympathy gift you can rely on, then look no further - our wildflower seeds will arrive at your client's door in perfect condition to make sure that your clients can create a special place full of beauty and joy!

Finally, to just help out those bees a little bit more, we also are a business supporter of the wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust - we donate 15% of profits from the sales of our wildflower seeds to🌻🌿🐝 we do hope our wildflower seeds can also help you meet your sustainability goals too!

Join us on facebook or Instagram see exactly what wildflowers your clients will be growing (and what the bees are dining on) each month throughout the flowering season!

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