Donation Day!

Yesterday we made our latest donation to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust from sales of our wildflower seed packs. The Trust wishes to pass on a big 'buzzy' thank you to our customers for helping to make this possible!

Media reporting on the impact that climate change is having on nature is helping people recognise 'the plight of the bumblebee'. The Trust works to create and restore bee-friendly habitats, influence policy and raise awareness of the vital role in food production bumblebees make through their 'freebee' pollination service.

One of their projects is #beethechange which promotes quick, simple ways to make your postcode more bee-friendly. Launched in March 2021 the project website has had 71,000 visits and 45,000 views/downloads of free resources of simple actions anyone can take to help bumblebees and the Trust to keep up the buzz.

This year both Sam and I participated in #NoMowMay, planted wildflowers at home and donated wildflower seeds to local schools.  We even equipped ourselves with a tiny bee revival kit on our keyrings in case we came across a bee in need (although, we always remember 'flower first' as nature provides the best source of food for a bumblebee!)

We think our bee-friendly wildflower gift packs are a perfect way to help you get involved and support the bees in your area. Our seeds are native and untreated, both of which are really important for bumblebees and other pollinators.

The seed pack is such a thoughtful gift to give to clients in their sympathy card when they have lost a pet and will enable them to create a beautiful wildflower space to commemorate their beloved companion.

If you haven't added our wildflower seed gift packs to your sympathy cards in your practice yet, why not give them a try? We think they are a great way to show how much you care about your client and their pets ...while supporting the bumblebees in your area!

We have five different packs to coordinate with our range of cards. 

Click here to view the collection.

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