Our Charities

A Brush With Love is proud to support the following two charities.


StreetVet is an amazing charity, founded and run by veterinary professionals, to deliver free, accessible vet care to the pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness. As well as keeping these pets healthy and happy, StreetVet works alongside other homeless support services to help their clients access essential services.

StreetVet know that the bond between homeless people and their pets can be profound - that special bond between person and pet can take on even more significance when life is hard!  However pet ownership when you are homeless can also be very complicated as pet ownership can create barriers to many essential support services, such as hostels or housing or even going into hospital! StreetVet launched their StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme in November 2020 to help increase the number of pet friendly homeless hostels in the UK, as currently only 10% of UK hostels accept pets.  A primary aim of StreetVet is to protect the human animal bond and help keep their clients and pets together.

For every purchase of our cards, including sympathy cards, a Brush With Love donate 15% of our net profits to StreetVet (registered Charity No: 1181527).

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Myself and Sam also want to make sure our beautiful products tread lightly on this planet. We are very conscious that all humans, our pets and most other species owe their lives to bees and other pollinators, which enable the plants to grow to feed us all! So, last year we explored how our beautiful seed gift packs could help support bees, and through this have found a way to support them - twice!!!

We started by adding beautiful bee-friendly wildflower seeds to our forget-me-not seed packs which, when grown, can provide bees with a much needed food source. Our research into wildflowers led us to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a fabulous charity that runs amazing projects throughout the UK helping to conserve our very ecologically important (and gorgeous) bumblebees! Through these projects the Bumblebee Conservation Trust:

🐝  monitors bumblebee populations and behaviors

🐝  tests bee-steward models to inform future bee-friendly land management models  

🐝  works with farmers, landowners and communities to conserve, create and restore bee friendly habitats.

🐝   creates all sorts of bumblebee related learning resources such as science roadshows, educational videos and their Bumblebee ID app for Apple and Android phones.

Over the last year the BBCT have seen an 8 fold increase in bee populations in reserves and 3 fold in other areas! The trust is celebrating that all three rare bumblebee species have been recorded returning to areas where they had not been seen for up to 25 years!!

We think what they are doing is brilliant so we stretched our charity card model that little bit further and decided to provide 'charity wildflower seeds'. For every purchase of these bee-utiful commemorative gift packs, A Brush with Love donates 15% of our net profits from the sale of our native, untreated wildflower seeds to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (Registered Charity No. 1115634 & SCO42830). We have been donating now since September 2019 and our current agreement is until 31 March 2024.