100% Recycled Paper

We have been looking for a long time for an FSC accredited board suitable for our print to order cards, that has both strong eco-credentials and is of great quality.

We have found Callisto Nature (350g) and we love it!!!!  It is made from 100% post consumer waste in a mill in the UK, based in the beautiful, iconic Lake District. The paper looks and feels lovely, which is so important in a card ....especially a sympathy card.

Both myself and Sam believe that businesses have a great opportunity to impact positively on people and the environment, and we take these environmental and social responsibilities seriously. We carbon offset our printing and are always looking for more ways to tread more lightly on the planet.

...We know it is important to your customers too, as they contact us directly!

They tell us how touched they feel that you, their vet, sent a card, how much they cared for their pet, and how much they like our designs. They really love that our cards and seeds help support charities! We have also been asked directly about the environmental credentials of our paper, and about the provenance of our seeds. ...they are always so pleased to hear our answers and we are always pleased to be in touch with them.

As well as getting individual requests for cards, we recently had a request for a large print of our Eternal Love Cats image! We sent out a beautiful print that looked fabulous.....and yes, it was printed on our recycled Callisto Nature!

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