Fast and easy reordering

Good news! We have just introduced a new reorder feature on our website, so that reordering your cards and seeds - with all your customisation details and practice logo, can now be done at a click of a button!

To use it fully, all you need is an account. Most of you have this already, but if you don't yet, just click 'create account' from the top right hand side of our website, put in your email and choose your password. Tip - If you can use the same email you have used for making your previous orders then all of these will come up in your order history.

When logged in, your 'My Account' page shows your order history and our new re-order button can be found next to each order. Clicking the button will load your cart with the cards and seeds from that order, with all your customisation options included.  You can then check the order, amend the quantities as you wish and checkout as normal, either using a card or BACs payment.

It is as simple as that!!!



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